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The user has to confirm that he knows that the purchase of Ad my Dream advertising credits is no financial asset, no deposit, no company involvement, no company share, no dividend rights, no participation rights, not a loan, nor a shareholder loan and doesn’t make entrepreneur, partner or co-determination rights. He has to agree to recognize Ad my Dream as a true advertising service, which shares its revenues to the Ad my Dream business partner network by paying commissions and revenue shares, and not as any form of investment of any kind.
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It’s prohibited for the members to advertise or promote in their projects for the following issues: Politics, religion, hate, discrimination, personal injury, death, damage, porn or destruction to property any form of financial incentive or participation in any profit sharing. It’s also prohibited for the members to advertise or promote in their projects for product or services which need a licence to distribute them like lottery, gambling, crypto currencies, trading brokers.
I confirm, that I know that the paid purchase price of advertising credits can not be refunded, because the benefits of these advertising services is made immediately available through automated processes.