The company and the platform.

The Company

The shareholders of Ad my Dreams Limited known each other since more then 10 years from different worldwide projects. Hong Kong has been selected as the main shareholding city because here are the most important Managers, cloud- administrators and programmers. The Managing Director was appointed by the experienced lawyer and manager Xing Yang.


The basic idea of "Ad my Dream" was born in the year 2004. The idea was realized in 2016, because the necessary techniques and procedures were developed in the last years in other projects.

From 2015 the concept of Ad my Dream was developed in detail and the basic functions were programmed. In 2016, the marketing plan was worked out in detail and the platform www.admydrem.com was designed and programmed with its backoffice and all workflow procedures and routines as a completely automated advertising platform.

  • 2017 - Launch of AdmyDream.com
  • 2016 - Realization of AdmyDream.com
  • 2015 - Conception/Design of AdmyDream.com
  • Since 2010 - Clustered Databases on AWS
  • Since 2007 - Several big Cloud Projects on AWS
  • 2004 - The Idea "Ad my Dream" was born.


Ad my Dream: Advertise your dreams, make profit of them and help others so that there dreams also become true, with dynamics from a big worldwide network.


Almost everyone has wishes and dreams that remain unfulfilled for financial reasons. Ad my Dreams works with a worldwide advertising network to make thousands if not millions not reachable wishes and dreams to become reallity.